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Supercharge Your Product Operations

Improving alignment, transparency & efficiency across teams With Prodmap.AI, our clients are up to 80% more productive. Try for yourself!

Powerful, Intuitive, Easy

Prodmap.AI is the modern way of doing things

Auto Roadmaps

Always up to date and 100% aligned with the actual work done by teams


Initiative Management

Say goodbye to old, static PRDs & start managing your initiatives from a single place.


Product Catalog

A centralized view of all products and features in your company.


OKR Management

Do projects that matter. Tie your initiatives with company goals & OKRs.


AI Sidekick

Automate day-to-day tasks with our Sidekick AI assistant. Get extra hours you never knew you had.


Jira Integration

No more outdated requirements!

Our awesome features

Keep teams aligned with Auto Roadmaps

Single place to see development status and upcoming initiatives.

Automated roadmap generation

No need to manually create or adjust roadmaps every time something changes. We will do that for you so you always have an up-to-date view.

Complete visibility

Empower your teams to work autonomously, without losing sight of what’s happening. Get a 10,000ft view of all initiatives, broken down by OKRs. Teams and Owners.

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Our awesome features

Complete Initiative Control

With Prodmap.AI Initiatives, you can manage your initiatives in one place, without needing multiple docs or tools.

Prepare Requirements and User Stories

Keep all your requirements in a single place and ensure common template across teams.

Sync directly with Jira

Get all the updates from Jira without needing to go there.

Automate and Grow

Automatically generate requirements from your ideas. Save hundreds of hours.

Keep all information

After your initiatives goes live, we will store all the requirements in our Product Catalog.

Our awesome features

Organize Product with Catalog

Has your feature list grown so big that you have lost track on how are things supposed to work? We got you covered with Product Catalog.

Single catalog of all features and products

Real-time updates based on initiatives

Get all stats in 1 window - active initiatives, feedback, data, etc.

Integrates with external tools to do even more

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Our awesome features

Use OKRs to align

OKRs are one of the best way to define and track progress towards your goals. They help to improve communication, focus, alignment and communication.

Tie all initiatives to pre-defined OKRs

Enable your teams ship what truly matters.

Track your Key Results

Make sure that you are hitting your goals.

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Our awesome features

Automate tasks with AI

Our state-of-the-art AI can help you save hours by eliminating manual tasks.

Automatic generation of requirement docs

Siri-like assistant

Updates team on progress

Much, much more

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