Initiative Management / PRDs

No more scattered information across multiple docs & tools

User Stories

View all your requirements in a single place

Sync with JIRA

Sync your requirements and status with JIRA

Auto Generation

Generate requirements, designs & plans in seconds

Change Log

Track what was changed and when

Initiative and product requirement documents

Powerful, Intuitive, Easy

Everything you need in a single tool

Initiative Management

Manage your PDLC like never before

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Auto Roadmaps

No more manual work to keep things up to date

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OKR Management

Connect your initiatives to OKRs and measure their impact

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Product Catalog

A centralized view of all products and features

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Instant report generation and summary, no more manual work

Jira Integration

Get the development status and keep your requirements up to date

OKR management tree

Connect to OKRs

Key Results that have actual impact

Use your business metrics when creating KRs, we will keep them up to date for you!

Tie all initiatives to company OKRs ensures that every effort is focused on achieving your goals, and every team member knows their role in driving progress.

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Automated Roadmaps & Reporting

No manual work needed

All changes are synced immediately with the roadmap.

Complete visibility

Seamlessly Involve all stakeholders in the planning process

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Automated roadmap creation
Product Catalog Demo

Get Organized with Product Catalog

Build your product tree

Have everything around a specific product in a single place

Quickly access any information on any product

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